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5 best cheap cryptos you can still buy for 2022

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The market of crypto has fallen by 5% now after a brief comeback. Its overall cap will stand at nearly $1.27 trillion. It will represent a drop of 7% in the last week and nearly a fall of 25% in the last month. Most significant coins matched such bad performance and some did worse than others. Falls mean few fundamentally favorable coins are today at a discount. Check out the list of the 5 best cheap cryptos that you can buy for 2022.To get a fair idea on bitcoin trading Visit at:


Lucky Block

  • It is down by nearly 16% in the last 24 hours.
  • It is at $0.00133280.
  • Lucky Block is also down by almost 45% in the last week.
  • But it has increased by 4 % in the last one month.
  • It fell after it enjoyed a rise in the last week.
  • Such a surge followed from its first ever prize draw.
  • It was held by the platform on 31st May.
  • It held its first each NFT prize draw on the exact date.
  • It included two lucky participants to win $1 million in Lucky Block.
  • It will get paid in everyday installments.



  • It fell by nearly 7% in the last 24 hours.
  • It is now at $0.590641.
  • Yet it is up by 3.5 % in the last week and by nearly 15 % in the last fortnight,
  • It has been down by nearly 22% in the last month.
  • It is one of the best-performing significant coins in the past week.
  • The current climbdown has lowered its momentum.
  • Its strength index dropped to 50.
  • It made its future movement very uncertain.


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  • It is down by nearly 6% in the last 24 hours.
  • It fell to $8.07.
  • It has been up by almost 6% in the last week and by nearly 41 % in the last fortnight.
  • It is also down by nearly 40 % in the last month.
  • The indicators of WAVES suggested it is moving towards a bottom.
  • The RSI just fell below 40, which suggested that the market has been overselling it.
  • The one-month moving average that is in red just dropped under its 200-day average that is in blue.
  • So it will need a few more times before it turns one corner.
  • WAVES too suffered from the USDN stablecoin’s aggressive selling.
  • Yet it outlines one plan of recovery that will be seeing the USN value to be stabilized.
  • Such a plan includes one measure of liquidating huge positions in the stablecoin.
  • Thus decreasing the whales power of influencing or manipulating its market.
  • It is seeing huge use in different areas.
  • Its total locked value is standing at $1.04 billion.
  • It is up from $700 million in February. 


  • It is one of the few leading 100 coins that rose in the last 24 hours.
  • It has increased by 3% now.
  • It is at $0.081718.
  • It has been down by 3% in the last week.
  • It is too down by nearly 40 % in the last month.
  • Gala is a blockchain-based platform to develop video games.
  • It appears to rally now largely due to the Galaverse.
  • This is the official convention of the platform that already showcased a huge number of attractive new projects.


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  • Ripple fell by 3.5 % now.
  • It is at $0.392634.
  • It represents a drop of 6% in the last week.
  • It saw a fall of 32% in the last month.
  • The RSI of XRP shows that it was subdued for a long now.
  • Only at $0.39 it is undervalued.
  • It is not only as a result of broad market negativity.
  • But due to the ongoing case of Ripple with the SEC.
  • But Ripple may be securing one favorable outcome to such a case.
  • Many positive decisions were issued in the last few months.
  • XRP continued witnessing a fair adoption degree.
  • Thus it will offer low-price international remittances to all customers. 



Any aggressive investor can take benefit from the crypto market crash for finding the best cryptos to invest in this year at cheap prices. If you are eager to make the crypto investment today, check out the above mentioned cryptos. But do your own research well and then start to invest.