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According to a survey, half of the Asian investors have digital assets

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The industry of wealth management started to target opportunities for growth in Asia. This is because a new market environment is presenting huge challenges. Thus investors in Asia are looking for huge financial advisory services. It is from their main wealth management firm. As per two surveys, one involved 3200 investors and the other over 550 financial advisors. They were from the private banks and retail banks. Also independent wealth organizations of Asia, and captive wealth Visit BWC. 21 senior executives who were part of the private banks in Asia and wealth firms were too interviewed. 

The surveys were conducted last year in December and this year in January. The interviews took place in early 2022. A huge number of investors worked with at least one wealth management firm. Also, they had liquid assets. They ranged from nearly $150000 to more than $5 million. From these two surveys, respondents were from the locations such as India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. 

Rich Asians have an interest in crypto

  • As per research it was found that around 52% of the wealthy Asian investors held their digital assets as of quarter 1 of this year.
  • This percentage may rise predictably to 73% by this year’s end.
  • Their holdings have cryptos, crypto funds, and tokenized assets.
  • Mainly 72% of investors in Singapore have placed their money into digital assets.
  • Another 14 % were interested in this type of investment in the future.
  • Apart from India and Thailand, Singapore has more than 80% of its investors demonstrating a solid interest in digital assets.
  • Recently the crypto growth, made the investors divide a part of their portfolios into the popular asset class.

On average the rich investors were roughly allocating 7% of their portfolio to cryptocurrency.For the best Crypto trading platform check Bitcoin smart.


  • Thus it became the 5th largest asset class to be held by the rich investors in this region.
  • Cryptos rank behind equities, cash, real estate, and fixed income.
  • The report also made it clear that only Asian wealth managers assisting clients in digital assets transactions represent a chance of revenue of $40 billion.


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Digital Assets were thriving

  • Investors have been searching for new items along with advisory services as they wrestle with the volatility in the market, longer futures, and the plenty of investment information accessible online.
  • As per this report, investors answer the wealth firm advisory service more promptly than an independent methodology.
  • In this they deal with investment choices themselves and they utilize the wealth firm for trade execution.
  • The craving for additional advisory services could bring about investors moving away assets from firms that don’t offer such administrations.
  • It will be bringing about firms with strong advisory services turning into their essential wealth managers and getting a more noteworthy measure of resources under administration.
  • As per the wealth executives who answered the report’s survey, their organizations’ assets under administration in Asia will be almost twofold by 2025.
  • Their income will increase 60% over a similar period upwards as 32% of Asian investors keep all their wealth in the retail store accounts and actual money in the vicinity. 
  • This addresses a huge chance of catching extra resources.
  • Investment organizations are reluctant to put digital assets.
  • This is prompting a potential deficiency of assets. 
  • 66% of Asian investors as of now hold digital assets such as cryptos, crypto funds, and tokenized assets.
  • Another third plan to do such toward 2022’s end.
  • 7% is the fifth-biggest Asian asset class – this is more prominent than the extent allotted to all foreign currencies collectibles and commodities. 
  • It is fascinating to take note that 67% of wealth management companies do not want to offer digital assets sooner rather than later.


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Over 75% of the clients were considering digital asset investments’ advisory. Also trading digital assets’ support. It will be as something they will prefer accessing via wealth managers later. 72% out of the 500 financial advisors were interested to invest the funds in digital assets. This will happen if the watchdog in the US green lights any spot ETF. There has been an increase in the adoption of crypto. So investors are looking for a safer and easier way of getting exposure to this type of asset.