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Building Bitcoin To Last For Centuries

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Cryptocurrencies are the new sensation of the digital era. Everyone is showing interest in this field and trying to invest according to them. Bitcoin is the most known Cryptocurrency among the people. And it is popular because of its features and utilities. So, it should be made sure that the base of this digital currency is built with utmost care and concern. If any changes are to be made to the coin, it should be done with safety. Trading Platform the best trading bot used by millions of investors check it out.


The Pyramids of Egypt are some of the oldest known man-made structures. These can date back to around 4,500 years. The chances are that these may be older than what was found. Many more reigns came, civilizations were formed, and the pyramids are still standing as they were thousands of years ago. The developers of Bitcoin have a similar aim. 


The View Of The Developers Of Bitcoin


The developers of Bitcoin want to build the base of this coin in such a manner, so that it may last longer than ever, like the pyramids. Despite innumerable strikes from humankind or nature, they have the hope that Bitcoin will last forever. 


The creators feel that the world needs a new monetary system that is open to everyone. The Bitcoin project has more scope and its results are crucial. Unlike the stones of pyramids, the base of this Blockchain technology is consensus along with codes. And instead of building in the physical world, the developers are building it in a digital space. 


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The creators are of the view that Bitcoin is present everywhere and there are unique features of protection. Also, different types of weaknesses demand that the system needs to be more strong and boosted where possible. 


Also, the design of the Blockchain is open to everyone. You can make changes to the Blockchain and can make contributions to the system. And no one can force you to make this change. Although this system may seem chaotic, it is a voluntary network that supports along with demanding a layer above all for coordinating any major changes apart from the normal status. Or else, the system may fail. 


The Present Condition Of The Coin 


There is a recent controversy about CTV that is a cause of worry for everyone. It is harmless in a general sense. It is a recent system within the coin’s protocol that lets the users clarify several conditions under which they will spend the coins. This will lead the system to become more secure and flexible for the users. 


This system is practical and possible for the users to select the functions. The developers are not getting any suspicion about the code. All the objections are coming from the layer of social and it has importance just like the layer of codes. 


The intentions of Rubin or CTV are genuine and honorable. This is so because Bitcoin needs to be created in such a manner that it lasts forever. And, all of the suggestions given for changes are simple attacks. 


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The present condition of Bitcoin implies that further improvements can be made to the Crypto. If it is to last forever, there is always something more to improve without any compromise. Just like a medical surgery, the changes are sensible and should be made with utmost care. 


After every proposal, there should be a strict evaluation. This should be made to understand what is the real need for the risk, the benefits that can come with its success, and the complete list of its execution. 




We should think of the system as everlasting, at least for centuries. The changes in the system may cause an imbalance in the system and fresh maintenance costs as well. It needs to be kept in mind that these costs will be paid by future generations. 


Bitcoin is a large network today and millions of transactions are taking place every day. And, the monetary system of the physical world is moving towards a dead end. While Bitcoin can save us from this downfall. The stakes of this coin are amazing and you cannot take a chance to miss them. There may not be another chance and you should take advantage of that.