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Choose the best car insurance online

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Auto insurance is required by law to protect both the driver and the people who could be involved in an accident. In recent years, most companies have offered insurance offers or policies online at a special price, with the possibility of making estimates from the comfort of your home using your PC.

Simply enter the driver details, the required additional warranties, the vehicle registration and in a few minutes you have the opportunity to get a quote for the mandatory RC.

Online insurance undoubtedly has several advantages: it is very convenient, because the comparison of offers is done online, and it also allows you to obtain really low prices because it compares the quotes of many different companies in real time.

In this way, it is easy to find the offer that best suits you, under the same conditions, that is, taking into account the limitations, fixed guarantees, etc.


Auto insurance may not be that easy to choose. If it is true that there are many online offers that make the comparison really comfortable, however, we must bear in mind that the cheapest is not always the most suitable for your needs. You have to pay attention to several factors to make a choice that really suits your needs.

But what are the best tips for choosing excellent online insurance?

How to choose the best policy

  1. Compare the different quotes. The various online quotes will save you money, because simply enter all the data you want to include in the car liability and you will get a quick and accurate quote. In addition, online insurance is less expensive for companies, because it requires lower management costs and, consequently, policies are also less expensive.
    There are many different operators in the online TPL market and high competition favors lower prices: the first step to being able to make a low price online policy is to request quotes.
  2. Use ad hoc options. You only need to know your driving style and your car well to be able to insert clauses that allow you to reduce the price of the RC car. For example, you can enter some age limits for driving (inserting an expert guide means reducing the policy, very often). The fact that you have a garage, how you use your car and how much are elements that can reduce the total premium.
  3. Discover the annual policies. Semi-annual policies are often chosen, but not everyone knows that with an annual auto liability policy it is possible to save a lot of money. Annual online insurance involves paying a single installment, with no surcharge compared to splitting into two installments (which is more expensive). Lately there is also the possibility to defer payment even for free.
  4. You can add several clauses (for example, think of the Bersani law) or remove them, depending on whether you need, for example, other people in the family to drive the vehicle.
  5. Always make sure you have entered the correct bonus level, to avoid mistakes that will later be paid in the final price.
  6. Always make sure that your policy also includes the European extension for driving in the EU.
  7. Before signing the insurance online, it is good to always check everything that is included in the policy; the amount of the roof; deductibles. Everything must be evaluated with the utmost care to avoid not including some elements that you want in the policy.