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Cigna Insurance – all you need to know

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The following tab is dedicated to Cigna insurance: we will find out everything about this insurance company, the products it offers and the services available.

We would later analyze the positive and negative aspects of Cigna, also considering the customer opinions and we will conclude with useful contacts to communicate with the company.

Who is Swan Insurance?

Cigna Assicurazioni is the common name with which the international company is known Cigna Health Benefits, which operates in Europe as Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe. It is a company headquartered in Belgium, but present in many countries of the world.

Active for more than sixty years in the insurance sector, it specializes in the field of insurance sanitary which, as you will be able to read later, differentiates according to the type of user.


The Italian division of the company specializes in particular in insurance for permanence in foreign countries, but there is also the possibility of accessing supplementary personal or corporate health policies.

So let’s see what the products offered by Cinzia insurance for our country.

Cigna insurance products

As we anticipated, Cigna insurance products are especially dedicated to the protection of salute and its different aspects. However, the policies differ according to the recipients and in particular they are divided into the following groups:

  • Employee policies
  • Supplementary health policies
  • OIG
  • ONG
  • Company in Africa

Employee policies

Cigna policies relating toemployee insurance they are issued through supplementary health insurance that can be taken out by companies of all sizes. Cigna further differentiates this type of insurance coverage based on the size of the companies concerned, proposing products for companies from two to 49 employees and for companies starting from 50 employees.

The product has different characteristics according to the convention stipulated with the company; however, consider that in principle these are insurance coverage that allows access to a network of professionals e affiliated health facilities with the possibility of assistance also for emergencies.

However, the characteristics of these health coverages may vary from agreement to agreement and it is therefore necessary to refer to the individual policies to know all the details.


Cigna also has insurance products made in collaboration with other companies, such as Cigna American Express insurance, available in the past with some credit card plans.

Supplementary health policies

In addition to business plans, Cigna also offers supplementary health insurance subscribable by the single person. In this case it is a full-fledged health policy that follows the characteristics of this product. Again, several options are available.

Consider that usually this type of product offered by Cigna allows access to health facilities not only in the country of subscription but also in many villages foreigners. Unlike other supplementary health policies, in fact, those of China insurance are in many cases specifically designed for short or long-term travel in states other than that of residence.


As we explained in the previous paragraph dedicated to Cigna supplementary health policies, this insurance company specializes in insurance coverage also in countries other than that of residence of the insured.

In particular, Cigna creates policies specifically designed for international government organizations with particular reference to those operating on the African continent.



Similar to those we talked about in the previous paragraph are the Cigna insurance coverage designed for ONG with insurance specifically designed for employees and volunteers active in this type of organization, with particular experience with associations operating in Africa.

App and reserved area of ​​the site

As you will have understood in the description of Cigna Assicurazioni products theinternationality is one of the specific characteristics of this insurance company which for this reason has decided to make available to its customers two useful tools to have their own policy insurance always handy.

For this reason, a app available for the Android and iOS operating systems that allows access to the benefits provided by the insurance coverage wherever you are.

The functionality offered by thereserved area of ​​the site web Cigna, which allows you to access all data relating to your policy through a unique identification code for each customer.

From the reserved area of ​​the site and from the App it is possible to download all documents informative relating to coverage, access the booking or request for active health services and contact the specific assistance services for the coverage you have subscribed to or of which you are a beneficiary.


Before finding out what the opinions of Cigna customers, let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the policies offered by this insurance company.

Advantages and disadvantages

The strong specialization in the field of health policies it is a point that certainly supports in the direction of a ‘positive opinion for an insurance company that has madehealth care also in zone disadvantaged your strong point.

The range of services offered with aassistance available in about 200 countries around the world, this is another point in favor of the company, which in particular allows access to local and international structures.

The ease of requesting a price quotation and the activation of insurance policies which can also take place entirely online.

Despite these positive points, however, we cannot help but point out some of them as well critical issues which concern in particular the difficulty in finding i contacts of the company in particular for everything related to the management of the policy.


A strong problematic from this point of view is given by diverse society which are headed by the Cigna group. In fact, it is not uncommon to identify information available only in languages ​​other than Italian; from this point of view it is therefore sometimes cumbersome to retrieve the necessary information, also due to the absence of a Cigna toll-free number active in our country.

However, these disadvantages do not concern the policies already subscribed that can take advantage of a contact direct through the app and the reserved area of ​​the site.

But what do Cigna customers think?

The opinions of Cigna customers

Those who have already chosen insurance or take advantage of a Cigna supplementary health plan, perhaps stipulated by a company, substantially express opinions positive especially with regard to the range of services and healthcare coverage.

The opinion is also positive as regards the insurance policies stipulated in collaboration with other companies, a not uncommon case for this insurance company.


However, in parallel with a series of customers satisfied with insurance coverage and assistance, we must also report a series of more critical opinions which mainly concern specific aspects of the services offered by the company.

In particular we have found negative comments regarding the difficulties in contacting the company itself, especially in the event of a need for non-technical assistance. As we have already had the opportunity to tell you about the disadvantages of this insurance company, it turns out quite cumbersome contact the support service except for technical difficulties relating to the site, the app and the registration of the personal profile that enjoy a support telephone number dedicated.

Another difficulty also concerns the cancellation of Cigna Assicurazioni which was sometimes long due to the difficulty of finding the correct contacts. For convenience we indicate you under the contacts relating to the European company; in case of need for an already active policy, we recommend that you refer to what is indicated in the sheets informative and in the stipulated contract, which can also be downloaded by accessing the reserved area of ​​the site or the app.





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