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Against all odds, cryptocurrencies have shown endless attributes that have allowed them to gain a more significant number of followers, where they appear from individuals, large companies, and even institutions of great weight worldwide. Click on the official site for more information.

Nothing stops the positioning of cryptocurrencies.

The first time that cryptocurrencies were made known was in 2009 when Bitcoin emerged; the outlook was not positive at all; therefore, it represented a new digital format of seeing money.

The uncertainty and doubts surrounding Bitcoin did not allow it to be appropriately adopted, which has made cryptocurrencies achieve their goal of establishing themselves as alternative currencies while maintaining a firm stance against inflation, thanks to their characteristic of being decentralized financial instruments.

The adoption of many countries where legal instruments have been created for their lawful use and management demonstrates the feasibility of these resources as financial tools.

Such is the case of El Salvador, which against all odds, established Bitcoin as a legal tender throughout the national territory; this decision has been harshly criticized, and if we evaluate the situation in which cryptocurrencies have been involved for 2022 because it is more controversial.

The decentralization, speed, availability, and security offered by the blockchain are some of the attributes that can drive the greater adoption and use of cryptocurrencies worldwide; it is just a matter of finding the meeting point between the countries and establishing the rules necessary for the digital financial system to continue its course of advance.

How can Cryptocurrency Change the World for Good?

Possibly we are facing a case of digital financial growth where technology is the base and is becoming more advanced and unstoppable, which in some way gives cryptocurrencies power and feasibility of use in the future.

Greater security, more significant investment, and crypto ownership

Digital currencies function as financial exchange and digital investment elements that, under cryptography, allow their user’s financial transactions to be directed and controlled by them without the need to use any intermediary.

It could be considered the main attribute that makes more and more people and companies want to invest their capital in this digital asset.

Possibly there is a greater dominance of the subject in emerging countries due to the distrust that exists regarding the measures taken by governments and traditional financial entities.

Statistical analyzes prove that in countries like the United States, Japan, and even Germany, which are considered economic powers, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is much lower compared to Latin American countries, although they manage cryptocurrencies at the investment level.

The countries with the lowest rate of inflation and with a relatively soft GDP or, failing that is not so high are the ones with the lowest adoption of Bitcoin as a source of income; this is due to the volatility of the digital currency market, an element that makes many people feel intimidated when investing in cryptocurrencies.

This situation does not make developed countries consider them strategic investment elements, much less after having experienced a global health crisis, where the economy became tougher and economic and financial alternatives were fully explored.


Countries with the highest use of cryptocurrencies

Crypto investments have gained worldwide popularity with the willingness of many users to keep their funds invested in this type of digital asset.

In 2021, after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cryptographic investments increased significantly in India, where more than 15% of the population owns digital currencies between Bitcoin and Altcoins.

In countries such as the United States, Germany, and South Korea, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in conjunction with blockchain technology has increased compared to previous years.

Although these countries, compared to Latin American countries, have fewer booms than Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, they have recently positioned themselves among the countries with the highest possession of crypto assets exceeding 16%, a reasonably high percentage due to the volatile characteristics of these financial instruments.


There are societies where the adoption of digital currencies has become more common, not only as a form of payment in acquiring goods and services in traditional and digital commerce but also as an investment method both in the short and long term.

According to recent studies, the most remarkable trend in using cryptocurrencies is in Latin American countries. Still, many countries in Europe, Asia, and especially the United States have significant investments in crypto assets.