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Is it possible to have more lawyers?

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Those facing a lawsuit may choose to use more attorneys on separate assignments, but each advocate is entitled to the full fee for the service rendered.

Therefore, when making this decision, you must be aware of what it entails in terms of paying the fee. The Supreme Court has recently clarified this by intervening in a lawsuit related to the distribution of fees between several lawyers for the same cause. What did the judges decide?

How many lawyers can you have?

If the client has appointed several lawyers, the fact of having paid one lawyer does not exempt him from having to pay the fees to the other professional who intervened in his defense. The legislative reference is to article 7 of Ministerial Decree 10/05/94 number 585 dedicated to Forensic Taxes.

The lawyer, however, is obliged to provide the legal estimate, as well as the invoice that clarifies the service provided item by item.


The order with which the Supreme Court took up this allegation is dated July 18 and is number 19255. The clients summoned by the lawyer had argued that they had already settled the provisions of the judges’ judgment but the Florence court had already done so. had done to reject the opposition.

The position was later confirmed by the Florence Court of Appeal and, in fact, by the judges of the Supreme Court.

Conceptually different is the case of an associated firm in which several lawyers divide the tasks in relation to a case demanding a single fee or even the lawyer who delegates some practices to his collaborators. In this case we are faced with a single mandate.

In all other cases, it would be more appropriate to choose the lawyer taking into account precisely all the parameters to find the right professional. Those who feel protected by their lawyer do not need to look for others. There is no case that requires more lawyers, but all cases require a good lawyer: it is better to invest in quality than in quantity.




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