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How to choose your diploma online: some useful advice

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If you are also thinking about how to get your degree online, then know that you are not alone.

In Italy there are thousands of people who, for very different reasons, have not had the opportunity to complete the upper cycle of studies and therefore are without a diploma.

There are many reasons why a person might want to obtain, even as an adult, an online diploma: for example, to be able to make a professional leap and access a better salary, to change jobs, participate in a public competition, or even simply for the satisfaction of the qualification.

Obtaining a diploma online today is simple, within everyone’s reach and allows for greater flexibility because there is the opportunity to take evening courses, online, at a distance with all the teaching material you need, and also to have the support of tutors and specialists who follow you on this path.


Why take an online degree? There are so many reasons to follow this path.

First of all, the online diploma allows you to obtain a certified degree (always choose an online diploma recognized by the MIUR) which allows new professional opportunities. The advantages of the online diploma are in fact those of maximum flexibility and concrete help to students who often work even while preparing for exams. To all intents and purposes, the online diploma issued after the national exam has the same value as all the other diplomas that are obtained in the traditional way: in fact, even if online, you study and prepare yourself as in a normal high school.

The online diploma allows you to follow lessons with maximum flexibility and to be able to obtain a diploma on your own time, from an accredited school.

The choice of the diploma is very important, which is why we want to answer some very common questions that are asked on the subject.

Common online diploma questions

  1. Does the online degree have value in life? Yes, the online diploma recognized by the MIUR is valid in all respects as a diploma issued with attendance. It has the same legal value and consequently can be used for public competitions and for work, it has value in all respects.
  2. How do I follow the online graduation lessons? Lessons can generally be followed from the PC, through evening courses. You can also follow them with your tablet or smartphone and you do not have to leave home: this allows you to comfortably and easily follow the online lessons and to be able to study and repeat them at any time, in line with your times, your professional and family needs. .
  3. Who helps me? There are many online diploma schools that have tutors who follow their students through online lessons, answering their questions or providing all the material necessary for their training.
  4. How does the teaching method work? It can vary from school to school, however the online diploma requires that you follow the lessons or online courses and allows you to study independently on the teaching material that is provided.
  5. How does the final examination take place? The baccalaureate exam for the online diploma always takes place in the presence, at an affiliated institution or an equal institution where the classic three diploma tests are taken. Before the exam you will have access to all the documentation to study, and if the institute provides it, also to training with practical tests to better prepare for the diploma exam.
  6. How much? The costs of an online diploma from private schools vary greatly from region to region and from school to school, and obviously also vary depending on the field of study.



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