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How To Make Money Online – 17 Effective Methods 2022

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In this article we will see how to earn money online seriously through a series of methods that I believe are effective.

There are at least a hundred different methods to make money on the internet, but only a few of them are actually feasible and can allow you to earn significant amounts in the long term.

Among all the methods that we will see, there are some that do not require special knowledge or skills, while others require specific skills.

How to Make Money Online: 17 Strategies that Work

how to make money on the internet

In this list I will show you 17 effective methods to make money online , on each of them the difficulty (from low to high), the requirements, the time (from little to long) and the potential earnings (from low to high) will be indicated. As you will surely notice in most cases the gain is directly related to time .


Unfortunately in this world no one gives you anything and they know it well, even if we often prefer to believe otherwise.

I want to clarify that almost all the online earning strategies that we will see can also be combined with each other, indeed it often turns out to be the most appropriate move.

But no more chatter and let’s get started!

1. Make money online with a blog

how to make money online with a blog

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements: Basics of WordPress or other CMS
  • Time: A lot 
  • Gain: High

Let’s start with a solution that can allow you to earn interesting figures too. Monetizing a blog is certainly an excellent choice even if unfortunately it requires a lot of time, dedication and commitment.

The methods of earning through a blog are many, so I decided to dedicate an entire article to him called “how to make money with a blog”, give it a look.

If you do not have a blog and would like to create one, I have created a specific guide on how to create a successful blog.


In any case, here I anticipate that an immediate solution is that of Google Adsense banner ads, but as you will see in the dedicated article it is the most trivial method to make money with a blog, in reality there are many other more profitable ones.

A blog in order to make money needs traffic , possibly organic traffic, that is, coming from search engines.

Optimizing a site for search engines is called SEO . SEO is not easy to put into practice, for this reason I have created an extremely advanced guide called SEO Master , in which you will find all the techniques you need to optimize your blog in the best way and position it among the first. search engine pages.

2. Open a YouTube channel

earn on youtube

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Basic notion of video creation and editing   
  • Time: A lot  
  • Earnings:  Medium

YouTube and videos are constantly growing on the web , focusing on this sector today is a moment’s investment. There are several methods of earning through YouTube videos , but the best known is channel monetization .

Today being able to monetize a video  is much easier than in the past, just go to the YouTube settings, click on the “channel” and then “Monetization”.

Once activated, advertising banners will start to appear during your videos. At this point the only goal will be to increase your popularity on this social network as much as possible.


Update: YouTube has recently set limits for monetization, only channels that have reached a certain amount. minimum of views and subscribers can activate it.

It goes without saying that without thousands of visits a day being able to earn significant figures is almost impossible, but given the huge amount of people who flock to this social network every day I would not spit on it.

Even the most unthinkable contents managed to go viral in a short time.

However, when you manage to reach a relevant audience you will find that channel monetization is truly the ultimate source of income from YouTube.

If you don’t know how to make professional YouTube videos and become a real youtuber, here is the course for you.


3. Affiliate Marketing

earn with affiliations

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Depends on the type of traffic   
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Gain : High

When it comes to how to make money on the internet , the word affiliate marketing always comes up. If you don’t know what it is, read the article “What is affiliate marketing and how it works”.

This type of marketing allows you to sell products created by others and earn a commission on each sale.

Amazon is certainly one of the most famous affiliate programs, as does Backway for example, but there are several, with higher commissions and earnings.

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most profitable systems ever, if done right it can make you big sums of money .

Unless restricted by the ” Merchant “, ie the owner, you can promote the product as you see fit, or through your blog, YouTube channel, various social networks, paid advertising or why not all together.

The more sales you will be able to generate, the greater the revenue will be.


Before venturing into this world I suggest you take a look at the section dedicated to Affiliate Marketing in this blog.

Here are some affiliate networks: Amazon, Rakuten, ClickBank, Max Bounty (CPA).

If you intend to get serious in this field, then I highly recommend you access the Luca Tornabene and Matteo Olla course , one of the most complete online courses where you can learn in practical terms how to do affiliate marketing and start earning seriously. Seeing is believing.

4. Amazon FBA

amazon fba earn online

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requisiti:  Marketing your Amazon  
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Gain: High

Amazon FBA , where FBA stands for “ Fulfillment by Amazon “, is one of the hottest sources of income online right now.

“Fulfillment by Amazon” means “completely managed by Amazon” therefore you can take advantage of their warehouse and their couriers without worrying about anything, just send the goods to Amazon and create the product card (or cards) directly from the control panel check.

This not only greatly reduces costs , it will also optimize time and customer satisfaction, all to your advantage in short.


Registering is easy, just go to the official page and send the request. Obviously the service costs 39.99 $ per month + commissions.

What to sell if you don’t have a product?

Most people don’t have a product to sell, so sites like come to our aid, which bundle all major Chinese suppliers into one site. In this way you can buy the goods in bulk and then review them directly on Amazon.

Obviously, asserting yourself on Amazon is a completely different story, even if your product is valid it is often not easy to compete with other sellers, fortunately here we are supported by various marketing techniques.

I can guarantee you that many people in the United States have become rich thanks to Amazon FBA and many others are doing the same in Italy.


One of the leading experts in Italy and in the world on this topic is certainly Paolo Caviezel , who has created an advanced course on this topic that will allow you to achieve not indifferent results in a short time. I highly recommend that you take a look at it if you are interested in this type of online business.

5. Dropshipping


  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Marketing techniques  
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Gain: High

Do Dropshipping basically means “go-between” between customer and supplier.

How does it work?

You can open an online shop using tools like Shopify (which are already dropshipping ready) and display the products you want to sell. When a user purchases something from your website, you will buy it for him on third party “supplier” sites such as AliExpress , which in turn will ship the product to the user, at which point you will earn on the difference.

It would seem complex but it is not, tools like Shopify already have all the features you need inside, you can easily connect the store you have created to supplier sites like AliExpress, so that every time a user places an order , a request will be sent automatically to the supplier, your task will be only that of monitoring and assistance. If you want more information on how Shopify works click on the link.

Also in the dropshipping field there is also the Print on Demand , which allows you to sell different products with customized images or texts such as books, posters, t-shirts etc … The design will be printed on the product and shipped only at the time of the order. A great job for example has been done by the Wootie site.


If you want to venture into the world of dropshipping, here is a complete video course where you will learn everything you need to know to start this business.

6. Trading Online

trading online

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Market analysis  
  • Time:  A lot  
  • Gain: High

The online trading is a very interesting business, especially in this period. If done with intelligence it can also be fun and at the same time pay you a lot.

The only warning I would like to give you is to not throw yourself headlong into this sector without having the right knowledge, otherwise you risk only wasting time. It is essential to better prepare and analyze the trend of the various markets carefully.

Fortunately, there are several online courses that will allow you to learn all the notions you need to start this business successfully.

To be able to trade online you need a broker, or an online platform that allows you to buy and sell financial instruments with extreme ease. In this article you will find the best online broker to venture into this world.

As for the training courses , I personally recommend that of Gianluca Sidoti, extremely complete and detailed, and you will also learn how to make the most of the various online brokers.


7. Sell information products online

make money on the web with video tutorials

  • Difficulty: Medium  
  • Requirements:  Expert in an industry and skill in videos   
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Gain: High

That of video courses / online tutorial is a fast growing market and has a profit margin  very high.

If you are an expert in something what are you waiting for to teach it with a video? There are many portals that allow you to upload videos created by you, set a price and sell them online, among the most famous internationally we certainly find Udemy, Skillshare and Envato.

Udemy is certainly the most famous, it offers courses in all languages, and in addition, in exchange for a percentage, it promotes the video course for you. As if that weren’t enough, it also has its own affiliate program that allows others to sell your product.

In the United States, there are people who have made millions of dollars through this service alone.

Are you starting to have a little clearer ideas on how to earn money on the internet seriously ? Well, let’s move on.

8. Create Themes or Plugins

place on ThemeForest

  • Difficulty: High  
  • Requirements:  High knowledge of programming   
  • Time:  A lot  
  • Gain: High

If you are a skilled programmer able to create quality themes and plugins for WordPress  or other CMS, then you could make a fortune, a bit like Nando Pappalardo of YourInspirationWeb, who managed to earn over a million euros in just one year by selling their template on ThemeForest.

Obviously this is not always the case, but on Envato Market quality almost always rewards and active users are really a lot.


9. Freelance online

Make money with UpWork from home

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Depends on the sector   
  • Time: Low  
  • Gain: High

Among the many methods to earn online  there is also the possibility of acquiring real customers directly on the web and working from home  without bothering too much, if not for a simple video consultation on Skype when necessary.

Obviously we are talking about jobs that can be performed remotely such as the Consultant, Web Designer, Web Marketer, Copywriter, Translator, Graphic Designer, Programmer, etc.

The most famous sites in the world for this kind of business are certainly Fiverr and UpWork.

If you also speak English, the earnings start to get really interesting.

If you are good at something and want to make money by freelancing online , I highly recommend that you consider one of these platforms, especially Fiverr.

Believe me, you will really find all kinds of services. You will soon realize how many people have managed to monetize something absolutely trivial, perhaps simply by relying on laziness, or “I do it for you”.


Maybe try to buy a specific service for a few euros, such as a logo or a translation, just to understand how this platform works and the mechanism behind it.

10. Sell videos, photos or graphics of any kind

Selling icons and photos online

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Depends on the sector   
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Earnings:  Medium

How to make money on the Internet through photos, videos or graphics? Simple, the same way seen for WordPress themes .

Envato Market is certainly the best marketplace on the web, but there are also many other portals that allow you to sell this kind of products. One example is iStockPhoto.

11. Develop software or an app

develop an online app

  • Difficulty: High  
  • Requirements:  High knowledge of programming 
  • Time:  A lot  
  • Gain: High

If you are a programmer capable of developing a smartphone or desktop app then you are on the horse. Apps are now a must in our lives and I doubt this trend will change in the next few years.

If you can develop an app, even simple, but innovative and useful, you can earn exorbitant amounts. Upload your app directly to the Apple Store or Google Play.

12. Sell your notoriety on social networks

he becomes an influencer

  • Difficulty: High  
  • Requirements:  None   
  • Time:  A lot  
  • Gain: High

If you are enjoying some success on social networks, perhaps after creating viral content or an interesting page / profile that has attracted thousands of followers , well then you can sell your notoriety to the highest bidder.

Influencer marketing is officially the trend of the moment for companies and you can reap many benefits, even if you are not excessively known.

Although there are various channels where you can sell your notoriety, in reality it is enough to insert 2 lines in the description of the channel where you declare that you are willing to accept advertising, perhaps even with a link to your website.


This method works especially on YouTube and Instagram , where both individuals and companies will contact you to be able to collaborate with you by paying you a fee for your services.

Usually it involves creating videos on YouTube, inserting a link to them in the description or posting images / stories of their brand on Instagram .

If you intend to become really popular on Instagram and venture into the world of Influencers, or would like to effectively promote your company through this social network, then I highly recommend you access Instagram on Work , the most advanced guide in Italy, the which will show you all the most powerful techniques used by those who really get results on Instagram, such as famous Influencers, celebrities and companies.

13. Write an eBook

work from home and make money

  • Difficulty:  Low  
  • Requirements:  Expert in any field   
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Earnings:  Medium

Digital products such as eBooks are always very popular on the net, plus the people who buy online today are constantly increasing .

If you are an expert in any sector, write a quality eBook and then try to sell it at a reasonable price on dedicated sites such as Amazon, or open a small eCommerce on your site .

Another alternative is to place your product on an affiliate network such as ClickBank, in this way you can easily sell your product without beating yourself up too much and you will also allow others to promote it.


14. Sell handmade items

make money with handmade things

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Depends on the sector   
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Earnings:  Medium

Let’s turn the page. If you are one of those people who like craftsmanship or create handmade things, maybe even well done, know that you can sell anything on the internet .

There are several sites that allow you to sell handmade items, the most famous is certainly Etsy.

15. Earn money with online surveys

earn online surveys

  • Difficulty:  Low  
  • Requirements: None   
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Gain:  Low

There are also simple and “open to all” ways of earning, which do not require specific skills.

I’m talking about online paid surveys, which can be filled in via App, Smartphone or PC. It will be enough to have an internet connection and answer a few questions of various kinds on purchasing habits and consumption, in this way you could monetize the “dead” moments of the day.

Businesses are interested in knowing what consumers prefer, so they can tailor their products and services based on the responses they get. In exchange for these opinions, cash prizes or shopping vouchers are offered .

Earnings depend a lot on you. With a little time and patience, trying to fill out more surveys on different platforms,  in order to accumulate more earnings, you could also reach interesting figures at the end of the month.

One of the most reliable and well-paid survey portals of all is certainly Nielsen, where you can earn money simply by browsing the web, or Toluna, another well-known institutional portal, easy and fast, or better yet both, in order to increase earnings.


Registering with Nielsen takes a few more minutes, but it will allow you to earn even simply by browsing the web as you do every day, just install the app / extension, Toluna instead is simple and immediate, and you can start earning right from immediately through the various surveys made available.

16. I sold your Pinterest

pinterest marketing

  • Difficulty:  Easy  
  • Requirements:  Understand how Pinterest works  
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Gain:  Low

Pinterest is an extremely underrated image-based social network . In reality, this social network is an immense eCommerce made available to everyone.

More than half of Pinterest users are there to buy. People type in the product they want and then click on the link.

Being able to sell on Pinterest is now no longer as easy as it was at the beginning, but it is still an excellent platform, which if used well can bring you many advantages.

17. Sell domains and websites

I sold domain web hosting

  • Difficulty:  Medium  
  • Requirements:  Basic knowledge of web and hosting
  • Tempo:  Medium  
  • Earnings:  Medium

This technique, widely used in the USA, but also largely in Italy, can earn you thousands of euros.

The trick basically consists in buying potentially desirable but still available web domains for a few tens of euros . For example, imagine you bought such a domain before the app?

Large companies are willing to pay even millions of dollars for a domain they particularly want.


To sell these domains you can opt for portals like or simply upload an HTML page to the domain where you explicitly declare your intention to sell that address with all the contact details for the sale.

Do you want to work from home online?

If you are looking for online earning methods to work from home, Edoardo Rinaldi, business expert, will reveal to you within his course, all the methods to start your online business from home and how to avoid the scams that run. on the Web.


There are many methods on how to make money on the Internet , but there are some that are more functional and efficient than others. The 17 methods that I have listed in my opinion are the best.

To conclude, I want to give you some advice on how to increase your chances of success by combining more points on this list. Here is a quick and practical example:

  1. Create a blog optimized for a specific niche
  2. Open a YouTube channel where you promote your blog and upload videos to your articles
  3. Promote affiliate products both in your videos and on your blog
  4. Write an eBook and make videos online by promoting them in advance on the blog and on the YouTube channel
  5. Create a profile on each social network and try to increase notoriety
  6. Create a newsletter, attracting leads by offering something in return (e.g. free eBook)
  7. Sell ​​your products and affiliate products on Pinterest

I know, doing all this takes time, but it is also true that it will allow you to earn money , so take it as a real job and not as a simple passion.

Earning on the web does not mean earning without doing anything, on the contrary you have to work hard and always be focused on the goal.