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How to save on Car Insurance?

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The important role of the risk certificate

We have already pointed out that to save on your insurance policy it is necessary, on the part of the contractor, to have a favorable record.

All this is reported in the so-called risk certificate , that is, a personal digital document available to all insurance companies. A fundamental parameter is indicated in the risk certificate, which is the merit class . In this parameter there is a kind of accident probability calculation that is carried out on the basis of the last five years. The lower the class, the greater the savings that can be accessed.

An alternative to improve the merit class and obtain a cheaper policy is given by the Bersani Decree . The Bersani decree allows all the components to acquire the best kind of merit present within a family . However, it should be noted that in these situations, however, insurance companies tend to offer higher prices to those with a high class of merit under the Bersani decree.


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