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How to Save on Motorcycle Insurance thanks to quotes

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Nowadays more and more people are choosing one online motorcycle insurance, a growing trend in recent years that is increasing competition between companies and offering cheaper rates for motorcyclists.

Online Motorcycle Insurance

According to the surveys of the main online comparison portals of insurance for two wheels, in the first months of 2021 there was a net RC Moto price drop, with reductions of up to 30% compared to 2019.

On the other hand the motorcycle market is following a positive trend in 2021, with important results on new registrations as reported by ANCMA, the National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories of Confindustria.

Among the most popular bikes in Italy this year they are confirmed naked e enduro stradali, with significant numbers also for the sales of touring and supersport motorcycles, in addition to the increase in the electric vehicle market.

A crucial step after the purchase of the two-wheeler is the subscription of affordable motorcycle insurance, trying to take advantage of the numerous promotions and offers proposed by insurance companies.


To easily find the most advantageous solutions you can use the services of insurance brokers for compare RC Moto rates online, with the possibility of obtaining in a few moments a free personalized quote with the best online motorcycle insurance policies to save money.

How to calculate an online quote to find the cheapest motorcycle policy

To find out what the cheaper motorbike liability insurance policies it is essential to use an online coverage comparison service, turning to a qualified and safe platform such as for example

In detail, in the “motorcycle insurance quotes” section of the portal, it is possible to calculate the costs of the available policies, so as to identify the most suitable solution to your needs. The service is really simple and intuitive, in fact you only need to enter some information through the online guided system for compare covers proposed by the best companies on the market.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

In a short time it will be possible to evaluate a detailed quote with the most suitable motorbike liability insurance for your profile, sorted according to the policy rate, from the lowest to the most expensive. At this point, all that remains is to start evaluating the various insurance solutions, customizing the policies with the ancillary guarantees more useful depending on the type of use of the vehicle, with the possibility of save the quote online to study it calmly at a later time.

The service is completely free, in fact, even in the case of insurance purchase, the insurance broker’s commission is fully covered by the company, therefore no cost is applied to the user who uses the online comparator and buys the coverage.

In this way, not only can you quickly find the best motorcycle insurance to save with, but it is possible do not waste time by calculating the online quote on all the websites of the insurance companies.


Also, they can be found lots of useful information to orient yourself in an informed way in choosing a really convenient motorcycle policy, to understand for example which ancillary guarantees to stipulate together with the Civil Liability coverage, or how to take advantage of some concessions such as the Bersani Law and the Family TPL.

One aspect not to be overlooked is the online motorcycle insurance glossary proposed by insurance comparison portals, with which to know all the terms reported by the insurance contract and be able to analyze the document appropriately.

How to save on online motorcycle insurance: expert advice

Motorcycle insurance doesn’t have to be just one advantageous policy with a low rate, but it must guarantee optimal protection to travel with peace of mind and protect against any damage to the motorcycle or from injuries to the driver.

Obviously, it is important that the coverage offers a low cost, taking into account that some factors can affect the amount of the insurance premium, such as age, driving experience, accident history and geographical area of ​​residence.

A relevant aspect is the class of merit of the RC Moto, considering that for a new stipulation one generally starts from the 14th insurance class. However in some cases it is possible inherit a better class of merit, for example when in the family there are already vehicles (cars or motorcycles) insured with a lower class, as long as both people reside at the same domicile and in the last 5 years no accidents have been caused by one’s own fault.

Of course, it is imperative to choose them carefully optional guarantees really necessary, generally considering especially the theft and fire policy and the driver’s accident insurance.


Likewise, you have to opt for the most suitable driving formula to save while still taking advantage of complete protection, considering whether it is possible to reduce the price of the motorcycle policy by moving towards cheaper coverage such as suspendable or temporary insurance.



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