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How to Save with Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

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For those who are passionate, riding two wheels is a unique travel experience that conveys a total sense of freedom.

According to the data released by the ACI at the end of 2019, the motorcycles are in USA 6.896.048, with a growth of 1.7% compared to the previous year.

Apart from the prohibitions imposed by the Covid pandemic which have generated a contraction on mobility in general throughout the country, the use that is generally made of this means is essentially attributable to two ways.
There is the passionate centaur who uses two wheels for his adventure trips and on weekends to discover new itineraries and there are those who use the motorbike or scooter to go to work every day, especially to try to be faster in the chaotic city traffic.

Whether it is used continuously or even seasonally, to be able to circulate on the street with two wheels it is required by law have an adequate insurance policy for the motorcycle you use.


It should be remembered that the basic policy only covers damages to third parties; to insure the driver too, additional guarantees must be added.

How is it possible also save on the insurance policy for your motorcycle?

The first tip for finding cheap insurance is to look for it online.
Today the web presents truly favorable opportunities for the buyer.

its Taste it !, the first digital network that matches insurance and services both for the professional and private, you can subscribe the motorcycle insurance policy conveniently with a click with a leading brand in the insurance landscape such as Allianz Direct.

Convenience, in addition to the reliability of a famous player in the sector, it is always guaranteed thanks to the special discount reserved for those who buy through Taste it!; numerous other promotional offers are added to the agreement on a monthly basis.

Another point to consider in order to save on motorcycle insurance is the duration of the policy, which is generally one year.


Should you do sporadic use of your motorcycle, of only a few weeks a year, it may be convenient to evaluate the formulas of temporary or suspendable policies, with the foresight to remember that for the period in which the motorcycle, however, is not insured, it must remain closed in the garage.
However, if the use of the two-wheeled vehicle is superior and not sporadic, this type of policy is not convenient.

A further tip to save, also thanks to the approval of the law on family car liability, is that, where possible, to inherit the class of merit of a family member, an operation that can save up to 50% of the cost of the policy.

A trend that seems to be on the rise among motorcyclists is also to install the black box on their vehicle.
Until some time ago this trend was not very widespread among the centaurs due to technological difficulties: excessive size and battery consumption did not allow these black boxes to be installed even on two wheels.

In the last 2 years, smaller models have been launched that can also be accommodated by motorcycles.
The installation is free for the owner of the vehicle and there are some insurances that give, at the time of purchase of the policy and renewal, additional discounts in exchange for the installation of the black box.

This tool is very useful for insurance to establish the exact dynamics of a claim and to report the more or less virtuous style of driving of the driver, but it is also an excellent service for the motorcyclists themselves.
Thanks to the location detection, this black box allows you to locate the vehicle in case of theft or in the unfortunate hypothesis of a accident.




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