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We are facing the evolution of the internet and technology, where the privilege of using Premium type content becomes more popular; with it the payment for viewing said material. Leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are tradable via

It is widespread to hear about influencers in this technological age every day, there is a constant broadcast of information that attracts various audiences, and without a doubt, these users can pay any amount of money just because they receive information from their idols.

The sample on which the market analysis studies the various aspects of the Metaverse applied is generation Z or the Millennials. It is because they are more focused and immersed in the technological age.

Apps that join paid services

Since 2021, paid content creation has been promoted in various social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, among others.

We are facing a new era that will significantly mark the future of paid Internet; for now, tests are only being carried out in the United States to access privileged content, where the payment for this type of content could be between 99 cents on the dollar up to almost 100 dollars.

Social media are not the only ones applying this technique; many platforms generate academic, commercial, and professional growth content that attracts many people willing to pay for this information online.

These types of market strategies prepare potential future users in a certain way that they will adopt the Metaverse as a new lifestyle.

As it is known, many companies will participate in this virtual reality technological environment, which means that they will be in charge of offering their goods and services to obtain payment for their use, just as it happens in real life only in a decentralized way.

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Evolution of social media in the Metaverse

Social networks materialize and expand the payment for the use of certain content on the Internet, generating a much more competitive environment than we are usually used to seeing.

The main intention is to monetize businesses through social media; this serves as a precedent for what will be the Metaverse.

This model could be considered a bit limiting since, at a geographical level, there are limitations in terms of the culture and income of the countries; it may not have the same impact in emerging countries as in world powers.

The model proposed by Instagram has not had the same effect on Twitter. Still, they are considering the possibility of creating a VIP area that allows the use of certain content to be much more limited and.

Of course, the issuance of opinions that are far from haters and trolls guarantees quality information that can develop a niche to run successful advertising campaigns and attract the most significant number of people about what the Metaverse will represent.

Quality pays in the Metaverse.

Information technology specialists assume that this type of functionality is just the beginning of what we will see in the Metaverse, where you may even have to pay to walk.

The success of social networks was mainly to the offer of all kinds of free content, which made the Internet look like the Wild West without any control or filter where the authors of content were affected.

Quality content has always been an element that is paid for; because of its characteristics, it is what benefits its users to obtain unique material.

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It is evident how people pay for the use of Netflix or Spotify. Also, in the Metaverse, they must pay for the use of any application or software that allows them to develop not only on a personal level but also professionally.

Currently, many pages already offer reserved content, which only users with subscriptions can access, leaving aside the fact that everything good can be found for free on the Internet.


Payment gateways are beginning to prepare for what the Metaverse will offer; it is no secret that the multi-million-dollar investments companies make will have a cost once people enter this virtual reality world.

Too many services and products will be decentralized in this new era of technology, where the whims of many users will have a cost that, although they do not expect it, they will have to pay.