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Motorcycle Insurance Guide: everything you need to know

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What is motorcycle insurance , who is it for and why is it necessary to purchase it? What are the differences between mopeds and motorcycles? Here is everything you need to know about motorcycle insurance.

What is motorcycle insurance?

The engine is a compulsory insurance contract intended to owners of mopeds and motorcycles, established in the Insurance Code. Basically, motorcycle insurance  guarantees the insured coverage for any damage caused by the movement of motor vehicles on two wheels, up to a maximum amount established during the signing of the contract.

Why is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance ?

The Civil Liability guarantee provides  compensation for damages that the driver may cause to people or things   while driving. In the absence of a regular policy, this compensation would be entirely the responsibility of the driver, who would also be subject to a financial penalty and the seizure of the vehicle. In addition, thanks to the complementary guarantees, it is possible to protect yourself from accidents, theft and fire.

Motorcycle Insurance Accessories Warranties 

When signing an insurance contract, it is possible to add some  supplemental guarantees to your TPL policy  which may vary from company to company. Let’s see which ones.


Furto & Fire

The  theft   covers the insured of a burglary attempt resulting in the damage or destruction of the vehicle. In addition, the insured is protected against theft of the different parts of the vehicle, but not of the personal belongings that are kept inside. When the damage occurs, the compensation will be proportional to the commercial value of the vehicle.
The  fire  , on the other hand, covers the insured for fires that may affect the vehicle, but also for lightning and explosions.


The only  guarantee offered by motorcycle insurance  does not cover injuries suffered by the insured, but only those that he himself has caused to other people. With this guarantee, however, it is possible to protect yourself from possible unfortunate events.

Roadside assistance

This accessory guarantee covers the insured against the costs derived from breakdowns occurring on the road. It reimburses the expenses incurred for the recovery of the vehicle and for its transport to the nearest service center. In some cases, it also provides for the supply of a replacement vehicle.

Legal and judicial protection

This guarantee covers all legal costs derived from any judicial and extrajudicial procedure.


Differences between motorcycles and mopeds

Not everyone knows the  differences between motorcycles and mopeds  . However, these are substantial differences, as riding a motorcycle has some must-haves.

Mopeds do not exceed 50cc, they can also be three-wheeled and can be driven by anyone over 14 years of age, provided they have obtained the AM license. Also, mopeds cannot exceed 45 km / h.

Motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles with engines with a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cm³.


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