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Provisional assignment for other level of education. What requirements to apply

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It is also possible to request provisional assignment for another level of education, but respecting the conditions set out in the CCNI. Let’s see what they are

A reader writes to us:

After having obtained the transition to childhood, is it possible to request temporary assignment for primary school as well? “

The provisional assignment can also be requested for a degree of education other than that of ownership, in compliance with the conditions set out in the annual mobility contract, as indicated in Article 7


Priority for the degree of ownership

As clarified by paragraph 4 of the aforementioned article 7, the provisional assignment, in addition to the position or class of competition of ownership, may also be requested for other classes of competition or places of different levels of education for which the possession of a valid qualification for professional mobility.

To apply for AP in another level of education, it is therefore essential to have the necessary qualification and qualification

The request for provisional assignment for other competition classes or places with a different level of education or for another type of place is additional to that relating to one’s own place or class of competition.

Those who apply for another level of education are therefore obliged to ask as a matter of priority for the degree of education they are entitled to

The provisional assignment within the same degree or competition class precedes that of holders between different degrees or competition classes, according to the order provided for by the operational sequence specified in Annex 1 of the CCNI.


You cannot ask for another level of education if you have not passed the test year

The teacher who has not passed or has not yet completed the test year cannot request provisional assignment in another level of education

In fact, as stated in paragraph 5 of article 7, “Temporary assignments for a level of education other than that of belonging are not allowed for personnel who have not obtained confirmation in the role for the school year 2021/22

Our reader, having obtained the change of role at the nursery school, will have to carry out the next year of the trial and training year for which she cannot ask for temporary assignment in the primary school, but only in the nursery school where she is the owner.



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