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Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot operates like a raffle, where each ticket has a unique number and no two players can have the same number.

Super Jackpot Results

Draw 10734 – Wednesday 23 November 2022
  • Jackpot number:035134
  • 1st prize:246536
  • 2nd prize:185370
Jackpot: $1,540,000
    Draw 10733 Friday 18 November
    • Jackpot number:145521
    • 1st prize:203435
    • 2nd prize:232718
    Draw 10732 Monday 14 November
    • Jackpot number:150799
    • 1st prize:144522
    • 2nd prize:136715
    Draw 10731 Tuesday 8 November
    • Jackpot number:002875
    • 1st prize:033348
    • 2nd prize:238844
    Draw 10730 Friday 4 November
    • Jackpot number:036035
    • 1st prize:258167
    • 2nd prize:044865
    Draw 10729 Monday 31 October
    • Jackpot number:156910
    • 1st prize:184702
    • 2nd prize:255362
    Draw 10728 Friday 28 October
    • Jackpot number:021067
    • 1st prize:128285
    • 2nd prize:091905

    What is a Sequential ticket?

    A Sequential ticket in Lucky Lotteries means your numbers will be purchased in sequential order. You can purchase up to 10 Sequential games.

    You are unable to choose your numbers in a Lucky Lotteries draw.


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    When does the draw close?

    Due to the unpredictable nature of a raffle style draw, the draw time is not set. Results are drawn when all 200,000 tickets have been sold.

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