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The 10 emerging jobs, top technology and data protection

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The figure of Data Protection Officer ranks first in the Most Emerging Jobs in USA, followed by Salesforce Consultant and the Big Data Developer, to close the podium of the first three positions. In fourth place we find the figure ofArtificial Intelligence Specialist, one of the most innovative professional profiles with the highest growth rate, not only today but also in the future.

Scrolling through the ranking, in fifth place we find the profile of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) Specialist, a highly specialized technical figure dedicated to the optimization of all the phases concerning the design, construction and management of the construction of buildings by means of of a software. In sixth place is the emerging figure of the Lending Officer, that is the professional appointed to determine and dictate the loan practices of the financial institution for which he works. In seventh place among the emerging jobs in USA is the figure of the Operative Warehouse, better known in USA as Warehouse Manager, a professional role which, with the constant growth of eCommerce services, is experiencing a real evolution of tasks and responsibility.

In the eighth and ninth place of the Top 10, there are two other figures linked to the Tech professions, absolutely strategic for the growth and consolidation of the company business, such as the Data Scientist and the Cyber ​​Security Specialist. The Customer Success Specialist closes the special list of the 10 emerging professional figures in USA, a new figure in the area of ​​customer relations who, unlike other more “traditional” colleagues in the CRM department, who mostly perform their duties in reactively, they find themselves working proactively within the company and with customers, with the aim of obtaining a satisfactory solution for all those involved.

New jobs, often in the digital field, also emerge in the second 10 positions (Top 20) of the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs United States 2019 Scrolling through the ranking of the second 10 positions, or from 11th to 20th, it can be seen that different figures are taking hold in USA professional, however innovative and different compared to the past, among which the Robotics Engineer and the DevOps Engineer stand out, always in the technological field and for roles linked directly or indirectly to Artificial Intelligences, positioned immediately behind the figure Intensive Care Nurse, all ’11th place, a highly trained and specialized nursing profile.


At the “bottom” of the ranking, in 20th place, there is an additional job position linked to the world of technologies, namely the Information Technology Recruiter, an emerging figure in the field of human resources specialized in the research on the labor market of best talents with technological skills, further demonstrating the growing importance of “digital” jobs for the future of professionals in USA. Digital skills are increasingly sought after in the job market, but aspiring United States workers are still unprepared in this field

The LinkedIn Emerging Jobs United States 2019 research clearly demonstrates how increasingly important it is for United States professionals to have an adequate level of preparation in the technology / STEM field, and the data from this latest research confirm those that emerged in the Recruiter Sentiment 2019 USA research, carried out by the company Coleman Parkes on behalf of LinkedIn (on a sample of over 300 Human Resources managers in companies and employment agencies from different parts of USA and active in eight industrial sectors), which revealed that United States workers still report various shortcomings in terms of digital skills, increasingly fundamental skills to find work and grow professionally in an increasingly fluid and dynamic world, connected and linked to the evolution of technologies and artificial intelligences.

In fact, according to the United States HR managers, among the fundamental professional skills today to enter and grow in the job market there are: skills in technology and coding (15%), the ability to adequately manage the functions of the Microsoft Office package (14%), social media skills (12%), web design (11%) and data analytics at 10%.
And the industrial sectors in which these skills are even more important are finance (93%), administration (90%), the travel sector (85%) and healthcare (83%).

Thinking about the current workforce available in USA, recruiters have instead stated that the skills that United States professionals lack most are precisely the skills in technology and coding (36%), problem solving skills (31%), creativity (30%), the ability to manage work times correctly (28%), skills in the field of web design (28%), the ability to collaborate (27%) and a sense of leadership (26%).

Generally speaking, 40% of United States recruiters think that there are not enough candidates with the right digital skills for the available jobs. This element, also considering the perspectives dictated by the European Commission in the field of digital skills since 2016, confirms even more that in USA, even today, there is still a lot to do to reach the goal of proper training in the digital field. from the years of primary and secondary education, to better prepare the new generations to seize the best job opportunities in the near future.


LinkedIn Emerging Jobs United States 2019 – Ranking of profiles, main skills required, main industrial sectors

1. Data Protection Officer
Principali competenze richieste: Privacy Law, Data Privacy, Privacy Policies, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Legal Assistance

2. Salesforce Consultant
Principali competenze richieste: Oracle Application Express,, Administration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), JavaScript

3. Big Data Developer
Main skills required: Scala, Hadoop, Big Data, Apache Spark, Hive

4. Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Main skills required: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Python (Programming Language), Neural Networks


5. BIM Specialist
Main skills required: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Revit, Navisworks, Architecture, Architectural Design

6. Lending Officer
Main skills required: Due Diligence, NPL, Credit Management, Banking, Credit Analysis

7. Warehouse Operative
Main skills required: Warehouse Operations, Warehouse Management Systems, Forklift Operation, Microsoft Word, Inventory Management

8. Data Scientist
Main skills required: Machine Learning, Python (programming language), R, Data Mining, Big Data

9. Cyber Security Specialist
Principali competenze richieste: Cybersecurity, Vulnerability Assessment, Information Security, Network Security, Penetration Testing


10. Customer Success Specialist
Principali competenze richieste: Software as a Service (SaaS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Pre-sales, Customer Experience,

Top 10 emerging jobs in USA: technology is predominant, between data protection and management, through artificial intelligence and business support functions.