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The fear and the favouring of digital currencies

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Cryptocurrency became a lucrative investment model in the year 2009. Bitcoin became the first token to enter the global market. The token became an instant hit amongst investors for its working philosophy.Looking for the best Bitcoin trader check


Howcrypto tokens work?

Every cryptocurrency runs on the blockchain and decentralized finance model. So what exactly are these two terms? With the growth of crypto investments increasing we need to understand these better. Blockchain is nothing but a public network that allows storing user transactions. User transactions are broken down into single units of blocks. These blocks are then stored as a chain in the network. This public network is accessible to everyone on the network. Each of these blockchains is assigned a unique reference number. But the advantage here is that a user can never trace back these transactions to its user. 

The concept of decentralized finance is also simple. Crypto tokens allow for easier peer-to-peer transactions through the internet. There is no intervention of regulatory authorities and banking agencies in these transactions. It means the transactions are transparent and are undertaken without any additional charges. The transaction charges are much lesser as compared to traditional currency. Also, cryptos can undertake such transactions at a faster speed. Also, these transactions are on the internet, and hence inter-country transactions are easier. 

During the initial phase, the concept of decentralized finance received negative criticism. There is no central authority managing the transaction through the individual account. Experts had raised concerns that crypto investments may be used for money laundering. Also, in the past, there have been instances of authorities identifying anti-terrorist funding. 

What are the benefits of crypto investments?

The primary benefit of crypto investments is their ability to liquidate themselves. Crypto tokens can convert themselves to any other traditional currency. It means investors can buy the token in native currency or using US currency. An investor can convert these tokens to any other traditional currency. 

Is there still a fear of crypto and digital currencies?

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Yes, this is a primary factor that cannot be ignored. Investment experts still feel that people carry fear in their minds about crypto. 

The need for moving into a cashless society is understood. Investors do agree that this is a step toward a progressive digital society. The pandemic is yet another reason for the growth of this digital mode of payment. But, why do investors still dread crypto investment? The main reason for this fear is the lack of acceptance by government authorities. Yes, many countries are yet to provide a legal tender status to crypto tokens. As of today, only three countries have come forward to accepting crypto. El Salvador, the Central African Republic, and Paraguay is making regulations for it. 

Many other countries including the US and India has now included tax regimen on cryptos. India has introduced a 30% tax on crypto investments. 

Is there a group favouring crypto payments?

Yes, there is also a group of investors who agree on crypto tokens to perform on a full scale. The token is capable of replacing traditional currency globally. Also, certain crypto tokens are pegged down to traditional currency. Such tokens are also known as stable coins. Other than currency, such tokens are also tied to commodities or real estate. 

Many countries are also coming up with steering committees to understand this investment. 

In the current situation, cryptocurrency investments have grown substantially. Many investors are holding crypto tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Crypto tokens are today being used to buy many commodities. It includes real estate, gaming, shopping merchandise, etc. that you can buy using cryptos. 

Many countries are also working on central bank digital currency. The introduction of such CBCDs will allow the promotion of a digital society. The move toward digital payments is not an easy task. The advantage of the digital payment model will enable seamless value transfer. The transactions are also cheaper compared to the traditional banking system. 

The utility of such a payment system remains the same as that of traditional currency. This payment model will also allow for enabling inter-country transfers easier. if the sender and recipient are on the same network, then fund transfer becomes much easier. 

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