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Hollywood actresses were, are and will be the standard of female beauty. They are admired, they fall in love, they are envied. Today we are going to show who they are, the most beautiful actresses, and how they rightly carry this title. Let’s rate the photos of the beauties.

We draw your attention to the ranking of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of 2021 – the 10 sexiest American stars from the 20th to the 21st centuries, popular girls from around the world.

10. Salma Hayek

The Mexican-born actress took her first steps to fame in her native country, becoming famous in 1989 for her role in the Teresa telenovela.

National star in Mexico, Salma Hayek moved to the United States in the mid-1990s as an illegal immigrant to conquer Hollywood.


Her meeting with Robert Rodríguez helped her achieve her goal, since it was he who invited her to the film “Desperate” with Antonio Banderas, which gave the first impetus to her career in America.


Of course, the appearance of the actress also played an important role: her small size (157 cm) and impressive breasts, coupled with an exotic appearance, helped her win the hearts of male audiences.

On September 2, she turned 52, but he dares not call her old.

Good looks don’t mean lack of talent: Salma is the first Mexican actress to receive an Oscar nomination.

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