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What does travel insurance cover and how much does it cost?

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Taking a trip without insurance is one of the most irresponsible and absurd things a person can do. It’s true that when planning a trip, the last thing you want to think about is something unpleasant may happen. Nobody wants it, but unfortunately the unexpected and complications are just around the corner.

Hiring travel insurance is essential , just as it is very important to know exactly what this covers, in every detail. In fact, each policy is different from the other, although there are usually some common characteristics between them that allow the traveler to leave with total safety. If you are curious to know which are the best travel insurance on the market , which deals with 360 ° travel insurance policies and how to choose them, in addition to being able to find a list dedicated to the best insurances that can be stipulated by date .

But now let’s come to us and find out together what standard travel insurance covers and how much it costs on average.

What does travel insurance cover?

As already mentioned, each insurance is a story in itself. As usual, in the free market, any company is free to offer its clients the services it deems most appropriate and appropriate within its policies.


One thing that unites all, or almost all, insurance companies is the fact that they always offer one or more standard policies, then allowing their clients to customize them at will, modifying, removing and adding services.

Among the most common services offered by travel insurance we find first of all the reimbursement of medical expenses , or the costs associated with any medical exam that may be necessary during the holidays.

Assistance 24 hours a day is another of those services offered by any self-respecting insurance within any type of policy. Wherever you are in the world, regardless of time zone, you can always count on dedicated support.

Another service generally included in the policies is the reimbursement in case of episodes of theft, loss of luggage or cancellation of the trip.

In addition, some insurance companies also include repatriation services and what is called “civil liability”, that is, coverage of damages caused involuntarily to third parties.


How much does travel insurance cost on average?

Online travel insurance costs vary widely. In fact, you can also stipulate a standard and basic policy with a few euros, while if you want to customize it and make it more effective, obviously the price will go up.

To give an idea of ​​a possible price of a standard average policy, we can start from € 30/40 for a trip to Europe, reaching more than € 100 for a trip to the United States.

There are several factors that affect the total price of the insurance and each one of them impacts more or less on the final cost. The first factor to consider is undoubtedly the length of the stay abroad. The longer the stay, the more the cost of the insurance will increase.

In addition to the duration, the number of insured and the destination of the trip also contribute to the final price. In fact, there are countries where medical costs are particularly high (see United States), and this means that the price of the policy is necessarily higher.

Finally, a final factor that determines the price is, of course, the type and number of coverage chosen and the respective ceilings. The more services that are chosen and included in the policy, the more the price will inflate. Therefore, it is good to find the right balance between coverage and roofing, carefully evaluating the risks and the final cost.