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Which technological devices to use for the study?

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Although good old books are irreplaceable for  effective study  , in recent years we have seen (and more in recent months) how technology can be a valid school support.

If it is true that  social networks  absorb much of our time and the barrage of notifications, emails, videos, TV series available could easily lead to returns, not all technology is harmful and distracting.

On the contrary, today there are many valid technological devices that help to better organize study, do research and even create an environment that favors concentration.

What are the most useful and practical technological devices?

Due to its practicality, ease of transport, and the many features provided (the ability to download applications, make video calls, surf the Internet, read and share documents), more and more students or professionals prefer tablets to PCs.


e-book reader

Even  e-book readers  are very valid mediums. Like tablets, they have more limited functionality, but are specially designed to read for a long period of time without straining your eyes. Think about the convenience of being able to read dozens of books without having to carry heavy bags and backpacks!

Noise Canceling Headphones

If you have trouble concentrating because you don’t have a quiet space to study,  noise-canceling headphones  may be for you. These actually allow you to “cancel out noises” and therefore distractions, isolate yourself even in a room where there may be other people and keep your concentration high.

Audio recorder

It seemed correct to mention the  old tape recorder as well  . Surely it will not be the last technological advance, it has been used by generations of students, especially university students, to follow the long and intense lessons without missing a word and to be able to refer to the notes taken later. The most modern devices have gone digital and have acquired new functions, such as USB charging, the ability to download audio files to mp3 and the many GB of memory that allows you to record hours and hours of content.

Voice assistant

For high-tech enthusiasts, who love to keep up with the latest discoveries, this is the time for smart devices:   real  virtual assistants ,  like Alexa, Google, and Siri, that with just voice commands allow you to ask questions (which are answered by search engines), set alarms, calendars, take notes, control other devices, etc.

Smartphones and tablets

For those who don’t like having too many devices, many of these features are contained in  smartphones  , which we all have by now. So why not take advantage of them to study as well?


In CODE Schools we have based our approach on technology and  distance learning  , so we decided to complete the   kit   for  study  of each new member with a 7 Amazon Fire tablet.

Many apps to download

In addition to the different devices, there are tons of really useful apps that can help  improve productivity  , focus, or other specific goals. These are some of the most useful and interesting applications that we have found:


The application has a timer, it  helps to stay focused  for a certain time. In fact, he tries to prevent you from checking your smartphone notifications with a kind of “psychological blackmail”: before starting the study, he makes you plant a virtual seed, and over time the plant grows into a tree. If you exit the application for any reason, such as replying to a message, the plant dies. In addition, by growing so many trees you earn points that you can spend, for example, on buying soothing sounds to listen to and keep your concentration high. Many recommend using it for the  tomato technique  .

Forest is available for  Android  and  iOS


Intuitive and extremely useful application, it is used to perform  instant scans  . How does it work? Simply take a photo of a document, page, whiteboard or slide, which with a few clicks is transformed into a scan, which can also be edited, straightened or cropped.

CamScanner is available for  Android   and  iOS



Very useful app for  taking notes and notes  with many different solutions, including voice memos for example. Amazing is its search function, so powerful that it is able to go and find even handwritten information.

Evernote is available for  Android   and   iOS

A note

Alternatively, there is  OneNote  , a free application provided by  Microsoft  for  taking notes and notes  . If you already have a Microsoft account, you can sign in with it and sync your notes across all the devices you own.

OneNote is available for  Android   and  iOS

Simple mind

It is used to  create concept maps  , also associating images and colors, very simple and intuitive.


SimpleMind is available for  Android   and  iOS


Surely you already know it, one of the most popular applications for  video calls  , but did you know that it has a very useful function? It allows you to share the screen with your interlocutor. So if you have notes, diagrams or other things to compare, for example, with a friend from school or a teacher, you can do it with a few clicks.

Skype is available for  Android  and  iOS

iStudiez Pro

It is an application to  plan your day and study  . You will be able to keep all aspects of your academic life under control: writing down lesson schedules, setting daily goals and tasks, planning your study day, etc. (can also be synced with  Google Calendar  ).

iStudiez Pro is available for  Android   and  iOS


All these are supports and tools that facilitate the student’s work, allow him to better manage the  study material  , organize time effectively, concentrate, perhaps make the study more interesting … but let’s not forget that once the work is organized, too it takes a good amount of motivation!

Do you think these tools and applications can be really useful for you? Do you know any more interesting? Share them with us in the comments!