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Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha make the most of their honeymoon in Maldives

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Bhojpuri actress Nidhi Jha is in the news these days and the reason for this is that her personal life is married to Bhojpuri actor Yash Kumar, Nidhi is recently celebrating her honeymoon in Maldives these days. Nidhi is fiercely sharing photos and videos on social media, which is liked by fans. Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha got married according to Hindu rituals in Mumbai. All of Yash and Nidhi’s family and special friends were present at the wedding.

This is Yash’s second marriage to Nidhi. Before Nidhi, he had first married Bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh. Yash has a daughter from Anjana. At the same time, after divorcing Anjana, Yash dated actress Nidhi Jha for about three years and they got engaged just a few months ago. Nidhi Jha has been sharing photos of her and Yash on Instagram ever since they got married. She is sometimes seen having fun on the beach and other times she is seen on a water boat with Yash. Fans are very fond of photos of her.



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